Simple clues   

Across Down
3 To be full of eggs
8 To regrow a lost limb or extremity
9 A single egg
11 The basal segment of an insect's limb
12 PSG Newsletter editor (2, 5)
14 The classification of organisms in an ordered
   the divisions of the phasmid body system
15 Another name for nymph
17 Insect equivalent of a jaw
19 Scientific name for Macleay's Spectre, abbr.
20 [Second word of solution phrase]
21 [Fourth word of solution phrase]
23 Phasmid Study Group
25 Having external skeleton and jointed limbs
27 The state of playing dead
28 A deception, such as camouflage or mimicry
29 Relating to the underside
31 Organism living in or on another
32 The process of recreating lost or damaged tissues
33 A phasmid's "lower lip", supporting the labial palps
36 To change, from one form to another
38 One of a pair of modified limbs acting as
   accessories to the jaws
39 One of the four larger Sunda Islands of Indonesia
1 Scientific term meaning unarmed or smooth
2 Foremost major division of the phasmid body
4 Ian's surname (not Bushell, the other one!)
5 Relating to the back or upper half
6 Living in trees
7 Any one of the divisions of the phasmid body
10 A place for scientific study or experiment
13 The order of insects containing grasshoppers
16 Male extremity used to hold a female
17 The underside of the last part of the thorax
18 Frontmost of a pair of wings
22 Number of major body divisions
23 Behind or to the rear
24 [First word of solution phrase]
26 [Third word of solution phrase]
27 The cap on an ovum
30 A spine or spur; and a common plant
34 [Last word of solution phrase]
35 Opposite gender to female
37 Plural name for phasmid eggs
The answers to the simple and cryptic clues are the same, so feel free to mix'n'match!
Although generally phasmid-based, this crossword was compiled for the summer PSG meeting and so contains some PSG-related clues, and the "solution phrase" is not relevant outside the context of that meeting.